American ‘tude, an Asian slant, and some kick ass cocktails

If Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee were planning lunch in Seminyak they’d for sure want some American attitude, an Asian slant, and some kick ass cocktails. Oh wait, they could just book a booth at Street Boi.

Born of a love of the bao culture, pillowy steamed, solid rock anthems, diner culture and street food, Street Boi in Jalan Petitenget brings it all together with some serious cocktail action.

Our food is inspired by the vibrant roadside food culture of Asia. It’s infused with a love of Kung Fu movies and American diner culture. Steamed buns are much-loved across Asia. At Street Boi we enjoy bending the rules. Imagine the perfect pillowy softness of a traditional bao, packed with killer fillers worthy of the very best burger joint. It doesn’t end there. Think fresh salads and wok-tossed Asian favourites, sticky ribs and diner-style desserts. Our mixologist has been busy too, with a focus on craft cocktails and mocktails influenced by Bali’s urban lifestyle & showcasing our love of Gin. We think local, we are local, and you can taste the difference.

Street Boi promises you won’t need to dress up, nor mortgage your house to get a slice of this action. The burgers run with big flavours, the ribs are cooked long and slow and kicked up with Asian marinade, wok fried noodles and deliriously good rice bowls go great with salads that sing in the local lingo.

It all packs a punch of flavour and it’s a cool place to hang with friends. At Street Boi we source all our produce locally, so you can taste the goodness in every bite. Eat us in or take us away.